We need more games like Twelve Minutes – My Review

I was immediately hooked when I first saw Twelve Minutes during the Microsoft E3 Press Event a few years ago. I love the concept of time loops in any sort of media and this premise caught my eye. There was a mystery and I was really curious how it would pan out. With the game finally out, I immediately jumped and wanted to solve the puzzle. Although it doesn’t necessarily hit every mark, this is still the kind of game most people should at least try.

The husband standing alone in the main room, taken from the game 12 Minutes

Time and Time again

Twelve Minutes is essentially a point-and-click adventure game that takes place entirely in a small apartment. You play as the unnamed husband who arrives home from work. Your wife is at home and has made dessert to celebrate some good news she wants to share. The good news doesn’t last that long as after about five minutes someone claiming they are a cop arrives at your door wanting to arrest your wife, demanding something from her, and eventually incapacitating you. You wake up and start the loop again, in the hopes of figuring out what’s going on and how to close it.

Outside of explaining your movement, how you interact with items, and how to use/combine items, the game leaves the rest up to you. You have some leeway in how you spend your available time. If you stand around and do nothing, the cop still arrives at your door and you’ll get incapacitated and must start again. Obviously, you don’t want that to happen. So, it’s in your best interests to figure out what’s going on and learn as much as you can before they arrive.

While it doesn’t necessarily feel like you have to play the game a certain way when you start, you begin to learn that there is a preferred path you should take. The game wants you to discover things a certain way and any sort of deviation can cause some things to happen when they probably shouldn’t.

The husband and wife in the bedroom, taken from the game 12 Minutes

Being picky, extremely picky

I like trial-and-error and Twelve Minutes is very much that. Yes, the apartment is small but it has secrets to uncover