College Football video games are coming back, we just don’t know when

Of all the EA SPORTS series that I thought would make a comeback, College Football wasn’t at the top of the list. In a surprise announcement on Tuesday, EA revealed that they are working on a College Football game. For fans of the older NCAA Football games, this could be great news but considering EA’s record lately, we really need to see more before fans start popping champagne.

Why Now?

The timing of this seems odd. The college football season ended a few weeks ago, the Super Bowl is later this week and the only asset to this announcement is a generic logo layered on top of a field with confetti. Taking all that into consideration, we definitely should not expect to see anything for a while. Also, with no date attached, we can also safely assume this isn’t a 2021 game, more likely to launch in the Summer of 2022. A tweet from the official account does make mention of ‘…sharing more information as development progresses in the next couple of years.’, which definitely leads us to believe Summer 2022 at the earliest.

According to the Washington Post’s article on the announcement, it sounds like the deal between EA SPORTS and the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) will include licenses for more than 100 schools (essentially most if not all FBS teams), their respective logos, stadiums, mascots, fight songs, and even the College Football playoffs. It seems the only real stumbling block is getting authentic players, which was the reason the older NCAA Football series is no more. Chances are, we could see the inclusion of class