FIFA 22 is a step up but not a big one – My Review

Across both Xbox One and Xbox Series X, I spent over 55 days playing FIFA 21. I can confidently say that I wasted my time playing the game. I never really had fun playing but kept at it for its sneaky gamification elements, specifically with FIFA Ultimate Team. Even though I never spent a penny more than what I did to get the Ultimate Edition, I still felt ripped off. After spending time with FIFA 22, across both generations, it plays better than last year but it still doesn’t feel like it’s worth the money, time, or effort I’ll probably still end up putting in.

A player completely un-marked approaching the goal in FIFA 22

A tale of two FIFAs

There are some really noticeable differences between the FIFA 22 you’ll play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versus the one you’ll play on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The older generation version looks and feels a lot like last year’s game. Keepers have improved and there are some new animations but the problems from last year’s game still exist. If you didn’t enjoy the gameplay in 21, you’ll still feel sour on this version.

The biggest problem I noticed was that everything ran slower. Menu navigation felt slow, thanks in large part to the fact that there is so much content to sift through. Ultimate Team has three tabs worth of content to go through and the slower power of the Xbox One is showing its age.

It’s also fairly slower on the pitch, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The gameplay feels less arcade-focused than last year. It’s not all about just relying on the fastest players and winning matches that way. Meanwhile, FIFA 22 for the new generation consoles performs much better. The slow menus are gone and you’re into a game in a lot less time. Gameplay-wise, you can start to see meaningful improvements, thanks in large part to EA’s HyperMotion Technology.

FIFA 22 gameplay showing how the defensive is spread out covering more of the pitch

HyperMotion Tech is legitimate but still needs work

When I was playing FIFA 22 on Xbox One, I still had problems with