I tried playing FUT Champions for the first time ever

Although I worked at Electronic Arts for a few years and have played FIFA video games for over 20, I have never been much of an online player. There are too many variables that can get in the way of really enjoying a game online. FIFA 21 was the first game in a long time that I actually bothered to play online against random people. Let’s just say, it’s been quite the ride.

Gameplay from my FUT Champions play

In FUT Rivals, I usually hover around Div 7 and 6. So, after playing for a few months, I finally got the necessary qualification points to play FUT’s weekend competitive mode, FUT Champions. I actually reached the 2000 point requirement a few weeks ago but the weekend of May 21-23 was the first one where I felt like I had enough free time to play.

Entering the FUT Champions “Coliseum”

For the unfamiliar, FUT Champions is EA SPORTS’ FIFA competitive mode. Over the course of the weekend, you need to play up to 30 games in the hopes of maybe being the best FUT player in the world. Don’t quote me on this, but determining who qualifies for any FIFA-related eSports event requires its players to do really well here.

I think that probably only applies to about 1% of the total FIFA player base across all consoles. About 60-75% who think they can maybe disrupt the 1% and maybe become a part of it. While the last group are people like me. They just are playing for ‘fun’ and are hoping to get some cool rewards at the end of it.

The FUT Champions Explainer screen from FIFA 21

As this was my first-weekend playing, I wanted to track my progress. So, for the next couple of blogs, I am going to do a summary diary of the games I play. The plan isn’t to summarize each game but to compile my thoughts in sections. I don’t plan on recording footage, nor am I going to fill these blogs with too many gameplay pictures. Most pictures will probably be the post-match screen with details on how well/poorly I performed.

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