Let’s Talk About What We Know Around NHL 21

The NHL series is really important for me, so this morning’s reveal for NHL 21 is something that has been on my mind all day. For what was revealed, I have a lot of thoughts and I wanted to put them on paper.

The Bad: The Info Dump

YouTuber/Streamer DontBeSaad20 has a really nice breakdown of NHL 21 that covers the stuff shared in the trailer and his own experience with the game

I didn’t want to start off on a sour note but I just had to. The way information has been trickled out today is frustrating. The official site has almost no information. Their news page for NHL 21 is bare. Outside of the three selling points, everything I have learned is through Tweets, Content on YouTube, and mainstream media. 

As someone who works in Web Content, this isn’t smart. Even with the most basic web traffic data, this is not how you get your message out there. Your site should be the hub of data while the other streams serve as supplemental info. The fact that even the official EA SPORTS NHL Twitter account lacks information and pushes people to pre-order, is a bad marketing move. Did you know the Beta is this week? Unless you follow the game’s community manager, you probably didn’t because the info isn’t shared on the official, verified account.

The Good: Be A Pro sounds promising

NHL 14’s Live The Life – will NHL 21’s career mode use a similar interface?

When I was younger,