Looking Back at 2020, where I played a lot but couldn’t finish much

Yes, let’s start this off with the cliched ‘what a year!’ when I look back at 2020. This was a weird year for me. It started off with me finishing one contract job then starting another that immediately shifted to working from home and dealing with the great pandemic of 2020. My wife and I finished the year moving into a new home and I now have a proper office to work from. 2020 wasn’t as creative a year as I wanted it to be but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

From a gaming perspective, I did a lot, both professionally and socially. I’m still at The Coalition (which I’ll talk about later below), I tried my best to write as often as I could here (but certainly could have written more). I wanted to do more streaming/video stuff but didn’t have the chance to. With my new work setup, I think I’ll be able to do more creative work which includes more videos and/or streaming.

This time last year,