To be honest, I completely forgot Uncharted: The Lost Legacy even came out. It’s been almost three years since it launched as a standalone experience on the PlayStation 4 and I do remember being excited about its release. When I started playing it back in 2017, I got to the start of Chapter 4, which takes about an hour or so to get to, then lost interest. 

Chloe crossing a dangerous area with a long drop below her

Chapter 4 is probably the game’s longest section and it’s also the most open. Yes, you have to travel around the area to complete a series of challenges to advance the plot, there is also a pretty sizable sidequest that you can do. I ended up doing it, not realizing the reward is somewhat meaningful, especially for those who want to 100% the game. I, of course, did not go that far, but it was a pretty nice reward none-the-less.

The Lost Legacy is a lot of fun and does about everything you’d expect an Uncharted game will do. It’s not that long. My playthrough was around 7.5 hours, but I suspect some people can finish it in a lot less time. Considering the timeframe of the story, the shorter length keeps it from overstaying its welcome. 

What I liked most about The Lost Legacy is its potential and what the future of the Uncharted universe might be. When it first came out, most felt this would be the end of the Uncharted franchise. To be honest, this game shows that it can exist without Nathan Drake as its headliner. 

Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross are excellent characters and have fantastic chemistry. While you’re controlling Chloe throughout, I would love an opportunity to explore both characters further. At the same time, while a different Drake joins in on the action, Uncharted isn’t so much about one character but a collection of unique and interesting characters traveling around the world looking for treasure.

I do suspect that an Uncharted 5 is in development for the PlayStation 5. Either it will be a Nathan Drake prequel of sorts, even if we already kind of got that in earlier games. If not that, I do feel like we’ll get a new character who has some connection to Nathan. I’d be happy if we got more back story on Sully or perhaps a larger story with Nadine and/or Chloe. But I am very confident that Uncharted 5 is the next game from Naughty Dog after The Last of Us Part II releases sometime in 2020.

Anyone who has any remote interest in the Uncharted franchise who hasn’t played The Lost Legacy owes it to themselves to play this. I suspect The Lost Legacy is regularly discounted through PSN, so it’s pretty easy to find it on the cheap. 

Chloe Frazer looking towards the ruins of an ancient city

I’m glad I took the time to get back into this world and remind me why it’s still one of my favorite video game franchises. It may not necessarily do anything different from the earlier games, it still hits all the high marks someone would expect for a game in the Uncharted universe.