I really wish Madden NFL 22 was a better game

I can’t think of another game/franchise that doesn’t have to prove itself more than Madden. Because I love sports games, I honestly feel that it is the most scrutinized video game franchise in the world. When it releases, it needs to prove its worth because its community’s expectations are just so high. Because of that, if it doesn’t start strong, then it loses all credibility. While I am not as dedicated or as hardcore as others who play the game, I go into it every year hoping it will surprise me. And unfortunately, Madden NFL 22 is yet another disappointment.

Momentum shifts are sometimes fun

An example of the Momentum Factors for the Jacksonville Jaguars as they play the San Francisco 49ers at home.

There are two key features for Madden 22 and they aren’t exactly mind-blowing. The first is Momentum/Home-field advantage. Obviously, the home team should have some advantages playing on their own field. So, when the home team is leading or making good progress on a drive, they get added perks to help them out. 

These vary depending on the team, so it’s not all the same thing for everyone. In some situations, the crowd’s intensity might make it hard for the visiting team to read plays, or maybe they are more likely to fumble the ball. The more dominating one team is, the better advantages they have.

However, there isn’t really any indication or way to see just how much momentum actually shifts. The away team shouldn’t be able to easily sway momentum in their favor, but you’d think that when the home team is down two or more scores, the crowd would be out of it. But alas, a reasonable drive can prevent the away team from completely controlling the momentum and shutting up the crowd.

This feature also doesn’t really consider neutral venues. If you’re the home team, you still get the better momentum perks. I’m hopeful this is something they fix since playing in the Super Bowl shouldn’t give one team a significant advantage over the other based on their fans.

Gameplan Decisions