Quick Thoughts – FIFA 21 Doesn’t Take Any Risks

Before starting my 10 hour trial of FIFA 21 through EA Play, my expectations for the game were extremely low. I hated FIFA 20 and dreaded the few improvements I could expect with this year’s game. After spending 10 hours with the game, it’s clear that EA played it very safe, not taking any risks before starting fresh on new consoles. Although there are still problems throughout, I was pleasantly surprised how much fun I was actually having.


You can’t talk about FIFA without starting with FIFA Ultimate Team. It’s unavoidable. After the obligatory intro match featuring Liverpool vs Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League Final, the first mode option is FUT.

I don’t hate FUT but I’m not its target audience even though it was what I played the most during these 10 hours. When I was much younger, my friends and I played FIFA against each other to see who was best. Couch head-to-head was where we spent those late-night hours.

When I think about FUT, the focus has been about playing against random people around the world and the whole point of building a strong side was to give you that advantage over your opposition. 

That hasn’t changed. You’ll still need to open packs, navigate the market, and hope for the best. You can spend real money to help you out but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll field a winning side. You still need the skill to beat others around the world. But, the shift to more collaborative/social play is also on full display.

When I first started playing FUT, I thought FUT Friendlies was something new, but to my surprise, it was available last year. They’ve added a few more match types and house rules options to keep things fresh. I really enjoyed my time with the different Friendly match types and could see m