R-Type Final 2 Will Test Your Patience – My Review

It’s hard to describe my experience with R-Type Final 2 in one word. For the first hour or two of playing the game, I was absolutely frustrated with it. But, from hour three and on, I was still frustrated but I could start to see its charm. If you’ve never played a Shoot ‘em up (shmup), this isn’t the one to start with. Heck, if you’re not familiar with the R-Type formula, you might want to stay away. But, there is something there that kept me playing.

How do I fly this thing?

An R-Type ship firing at asteroids

R-Type is a long-running series of shooters, but this is the first game in over a decade. For a game that will most certainly be a first for a lot of people, it does a poor job of getting you familiar with its gameplay. This might be your standard horizontal shooter, but there are so many aspects of the gameplay that aren’t explained properly. Because of that, you can quickly see the Game Over screen.

There isn’t much of a story to speak about, but you’re commanding a space fighter as you’ll travel through various locales shooting as many foes as you can. While you’re trying to destroy the opposition, you’re also trying your hardest to avoid getting hit. You don’t have a shield, so the first time you get hit by an enemy or touch an object you’re not supposed to, you will die.

The game doesn’t give you any sort of tutorial, to teach you about the controls. There is quite a bit to learn, including understanding the Force pod that accompanies your ship or the special weapons you have in your arsenal. You have to dig through the game’s manual to learn how to properly use these stuff. 

A sample of the R-Type R Manual, showing the Force

The Force pod is a sphere that you can fire from your ship or connect to the front or back of it. This serves as an assisting firing option for you. When you collect power-ups, it can do different attacks. At the same time, when it takes fire or interacts with enemies, a Dose meter fills up. Once that reaches 100%, you can unleash a massive attack that does significant damage to all enemies on the screen. It takes a bit of time to fill up the Dose meter, so you won’t have too many opportunities to use it.

Get ready to die…a lot

Again, none of this is actually explained to you in-game. The developers didn’t bother including an intro-mission that could serve as a