The struggles of writing on a consistent basis

When I started this blog, my goal was to post at least once a week. Unfortunately, I can never keep that cadence. It’s not that I forget to write something, it’s that I don’t have anything real to write about. 

Some gameplay from FIFA 21, which also shows the poor online connection

FIFA 21 still takes up most of my life

I game on the regular. Every day I’m playing something. Yes, most of my gameplay over the last couple of months has primarily been FIFA 21. Even with the frustration I got struggling with Weekend League, it’s just a game I can’t stop playing. I think my time with FIFA 21 will start to slow down very soon. The big Team of the Season campaign is about to end and I don’t think the upcoming summer-related content will keep me interested. 

Outside of that and a lot of mobile playing (I tend to gravitate towards Solitarica), the games I’ve spent some time with are Sakura WarsYakuza: Like a Dragon, and Monster Hunter Rise.

But, I’m definitely playing a variety of games

For Sakura Wars, this was a game I was really looking forward to playing last year. I knew nothing of the series but a mech-based RPG is almost always something I want to play. The first hour or so of the game goes really slow