I’m currently watching HBO’s Betty, which follows the lives of a group of New York City-based female skaters. It’s a follow-up of a film called Skate Kitchen. I haven’t seen the film but I’m definitely on board thus far. So, for Activision to announce Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 is coming this September to current-gen consoles is quite the treat.

The THPS series carries a lot of history for me. The hundreds of hours I spent playing 1, 2, and 3 both alone, with friends, and even my younger sister were moments I really enjoyed. I tried my hardest to stick with the series as long as I could. I liked the places the Underground went but like a lot of sport-themed games, the novelty started to lose its appeal.

The first reveal (which I will include below) goes some actual gameplay, which looks nice but I really want to see how this game controls. I’m also curious about how the single-player will play. Will it be more like THPS 1& 2 or will it incorporate the systems they used in later games? I would love to get my hands on this somehow because I really want to scratch that skateboarding itch.

Now, if only my old colleagues at EA would wake up and bring us back something related to Skate. I just might jump into Skate 3 through EA Access.