With Covid-19 keeping us at home, it has given me more time to entertain myself with the many games in my collection. I love gaming but I tend to buy too many games that I don’t end up actually finishing. I have a massive list of games across multiple platforms that I should really go back to. Because of that, I thought I would write about them. Which is why I have am trying to do a regular series on this blog called “Looking Back:

This isn’t an original idea and I used to write a blog called “Video Games You Probably Haven’t Played” (yes, the site still exists). When I did that blog, I tried to focus on older games that I felt people didn’t play. It was a lot of fun and I did get to open my eyes to a few games that, when I probably wouldn’t have played or I know I missed out on for a multiple of reasons.

For my “Looking Back” series, I am focusing more on games in my collection that I began but never finished or simply didn’t find the time to play. I’ve already written stuff on Shenmue II and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, but I have a few more titles I want to highlight. 

The goal is to completely finish the games I feature but if I start-up a game and quickly lose interest, it will help to explain why I gave up when I originally did. If I do feature those games, I might call them something else.

I don’t really have a prerequisite on what qualifies for this series, as I have some major games that never got around to playing. For example, I started but never finished God of War (2018). While that’s not necessarily a rare game, I think it would be interesting to go back a few years later and maybe offer a new perspective.

In my Games I’m Playing page, you’ll get an idea of what I’ll probably feature in a future “Looking Back”. As it stands, I think I will try to finish games that are around 15 hours in length. I am using HowLongToBeat to get an idea of this, using the main story average time as my basis points. RPGs or really big Open-World games will be tougher to do in a week, but that’s not impossible. 

I may also consider featuring sports, racing, fighting games but as those games don’t necessarily have a defined conclusion, posts on them will still have me investing a noticeable amount of playtime before sharing my thoughts.

I am really excited to do this and hope I can continue these kinds of serialized content on a regular basis even after ‘we return to normal life’. I am really open to turning this into a video series if time permits. But that is something that I would do later down the road, not immediately.