Sony revealed the new controller for the PlayStation 5 in a blog post today. While it definitely looks nice and I actually like the choice of going black+white for it, this is a prime example of when your Marcom (Marketing and Communications) team chooses the wrong way to showcase something new and exciting.

This reveal should have been a video presentation. Yes, the blog explains a lot of the features of the new controller, it still leaves much to the imagination and doesn’t answer the questions some people may have. For example, I’d love to know:

  • How does it look in a person’s hand?
  • How do the adaptive triggers of the L2 and R2 function?
  • How long is the battery life?

The blog is also pretty long. It is detailed but it’s tough to covey your messaging when this is clearly something that needs to be seen in action, not in written form.

A video on the other hand, could do the exact same thing in 90-120 seconds and answer some of the questions I and others probably have.

I must assume the plan is to have a more visual deep-dive in the coming weeks when they (Sony) finally reveal the actual console. I suspect that because of the two-tone color choice for the controller, it’s quite possible the console will also feature the same design (black and white with blue LEDs).

In any case, I really wish this was revealed in a video with some gameplay teasing. Even if they showed us a PS4 game to compare and contrast, it would definitely wet the appetite of gamers wanting new info on the upcoming generation of consoles. I really hope they bounce back from this and knock it out when they show off whatever next for the PlayStation 5.